Week #1 Schedule at a Glance


Tuesday, February 2nd.

11:00 AM (EST)

Tuesday Talks

Speaker: Stephen Murdoch

Duration: 60 Minutes

Topic: Tips for festivals and events that want to improve relationships with the media in their community.

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Wednesday, February 3rd.

12:00 PM (EST)

Lunch and Learn with Mike D'Urzo

Entertainer: Mike D'Urzo

Duration: 60 Minutes

Topic: Magician Mike D'Urzo has been working with some of the top corporations entertaining audiences virtually with his unique brand of magic & mentalism. In addition to a fun interactive show, the discussion will centre on booking virtual entertainers for your festival or event.

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Thursday, February 4th.

Join FEO's CEO Dave MacNeil hosting Thursday Sessions with the following speakers and panelists:

9:00 AM (EST)

“Post-pandemic Festival & Event Trend Forecasting 2021 and beyond”


Speaker: Rebecca Cotter


Duration: 45 minutes


Topic: This session will present the findings of NMEP's post-season survey, and identify from the survey data, a selection of emerging industry trends.

9:45 AM (EST)


Working with your Municipal Partners – Tactical Responses for Post-Pandemic Events

Panelists: Alyson Monery, Sarah Linfoot-Fusina, Jeannie Maidens


Duration: 45 minutes


Topic: Panelists present and discuss specific tactical changes, new developments, new processes, new requirements, that their municipality/agency has implemented/is implementing for event organizers, resulting from the pandemic and public health impacts on community events. Event organizers learn from the work being done by the panelists/in the panelist’s municipalities, that is likely to inform changes to the way all events, regardless of geography, are planned, and requirements in other jurisdictions. Attendees take away knowledge of these new developments/changes, to be better prepared to have discussions with their municipality about future requirements for their events.

10:30 AM (EST)


Hyper Local - Working Together To Get People Out And Engaged In Your Area


Panelists: David MacLachlan, Minto Schneider, Chuck Thibeault, Maria V. Fortunato, Melanie Robert


Duration: 45 minutes


Topic: Hyperlocal marketing is the process of targeting prospective customers in a highly specific, geographically restricted area, sometimes just a few blocks or streets, often with the intention of targeting people conducting “near me” searches on their mobile device. Join the discussions as leaders with RTO’s, DMO’s and Destination Ontario speak to how to get people back together when it is safe to do so. How we can all work together to recreate the New Normal.

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