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Wed Feb 3 - Networking Session

Lunch & Learn
Topic: Virtual Entertainment

Session Description: We will look at how to make your next virtual event a success. Magician Mike D’Urzo has been working with some of the top corporations entertaining audiences virtually with his unique brand of magic & mentalism. Mike offers a blend of interactive workshop and show options that can help employees stay connected, motivated and engaged during this time. He will discuss some of the challenges of taking a live show online and how to think outside of the box.

Speaker Bio: Mike D’Urzo is an international award winning magician & mentalist. As the founder and creative director of Mega Magic, he performs in hundreds of shows annually for some of the largest corporations, theaters, theme parks, festivals and television networks. Mike was the winner of the “Entertainer of the Year” award by the Canadian Event Industry Awards. He was the 8-time recipient of the “Performer of the Year” award presented by Festivals & Events Ontario. He was awarded in the “Top 10 Magicians Worldwide” by the Wedding Industry Experts Awards and the Reader’s Choice Award for Best Entertainer by Special Events Magazine.

Mike D'Urzo

Mega Magic


Networking Happy Hour

Choose which Networking topic most applies to you and walk into the virtual room to have an open discussion and share ideas with fellow festival and event professionals

Wed Feb 17 - Networking Session

Greater Sense of Wellness

Wed Feb 24 - Schedule

Juggling Mental Health

Session Description: Life can feel like a balancing act: working through a pandemic, getting to the grocery store while the lines are short, keeping a tidy home we never seem to leave anymore, staying healthy. It’s a lot of balls to keep in the air, but what about our mental health? How do we juggle every day tasks in the face of increasing anxiety? Since the start of COVID-19 juggling our own mental health every day can feel like it’s all we have the energy for.

Who knows about juggling challenges like someone who stands on boots of nails and juggles oversized knives? Kyle, a professional street performer and vocal mental health advocate who lives with anxiety, depression, and panic disorder. Through learning how to take control of his own mental health and creating his newest juggling comedy show, Kyle discovered how juggling was helping him through anxiety and depression in his daily life.

This led Kyle to produce the free to access, online #JugglingMentalHealth video series that teaches juggling basics and insights on mental health practices for life during lockdown. Now, learn juggling with Kyle in one virtual show highlighting these lessons, filled with sharp juggling skills to give you an edge on your mental health.

Speaker Bio: Kyle Sipkens, BFA, is founder of INCIRQUE and creator of Lucky Barber Show - a SHARP! juggling busker show. For 16 years, Kyle’s been working as a professional street performer, actor, and award-winning entrepreneur building up people and communities. Kyle was also the first OUT LGTBQ+ Busker on North America’s busker festival circuit to his knowledge! He walks on stilts, juggles knives, breathes fire, stands on nails … and he's making a BIG impact!

During the pandemic, Kyle’s rising to meet the evolving needs of his festival partners with innovative solutions like “Physical Distancing Officers” on stilts, turning his living room into a virtual studio, and creating free online #JugglingMentalHealth video tutorials teaching juggling & mindfulness skills together!

In addition to performing at festivals & events internationally, Kyle actively works in Ontario’s film & television industry; he’s been a festival artistic director, he’s worked with Toronto’s top experiential marketing companies, and he’s appeared on hit TV shows like CBC’s Dragons Den and The Goods.

Kyle Sipkens

Incirque/Lucky Barber Show


Session Description: You won’t be surprised to hear that Canadians feel that COVID-19 is having a negative impact on their stress levels and mental health. The new Personality Dimensions® Wellness Report couldn't come at a better time. This report, seen through the lens of Personality Dimensions®, will help participants identify how they can have a greater sense of wellness. In turn, it may help them counteract the negative effects of the stress that they are experiencing.

Speaker Bio: Susan brings to you over 30 years in Human Services in both non-profit and corporate sectors. During her diverse career, she has worked in insurance, education, government, hospitality and personal growth development. She is a Business Owner, Trainer, Facilitator, Lay Chaplain, Personal Coach, and a Licensed Wedding Officiant. 

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Virtual Marketplace

Session Description: Take this time to roam from booth to booth and engage with suppliers who are just as excited as you are to get the festival and event business back on it's feet. Take advantage of special offers, live chat rooms and you might even find that next incredible product or service that will take your event to the next level.


Choose which Networking topic most applies to you and walk into the virtual room to have an open discussion and share ideas with fellow festival and event professionals

Debbie Mann (Facilitator)

Festivals and Events Ontario


Susan Patterson (Facilitator)

SPG Consulting


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