ROOM - Richmond B
Thursday, February 27, 2020 - 10:15am - 11:15am

Victoria Syme

Are you finding it difficult to get partners on board for large cash sponsorships? Are you not hearing back from your sponsor pitches? You might be missing out on great experiential marketing opportunities for your festival or event. Companies are becoming less interested in logo benefits at events and more interested in interacting directly with your audience on site. Your festival has tremendous value for companies and it might be in unique ways you've never thought of before. *Please note this is a presentation directed to smaller events, those new to the events industry, coordinators and junior level sponsorship positions. 

Three KEY Learning Outcomes:

1. Learn about what experiential marketing is and how it can add value to your event (budget-related
, programming related & more)
2. Learn how to enhance the visitor experience at your event using XM (experiential marketing) 
3. Gain an understanding of what sponsor activation ratio is and how you can help increase your 
on-site programming for less

Victoria Syme has been securing media coverage, sponsors, experiential marketing partners, government grants, and marketing for festivals and events in Toronto for the past 8 years. She has worked extensively on the annual Redpath Waterfront Festival, Sugar Shack TO, the ONTARIO 150 and TALL SHIPS• 1812 Tours, as well as the Special Olympics Ontario Invitational Youth Games. Victoria was also instrumental in bringing the World's Largest Rubber Duck throughout Ontario in 2017. 

Victoria started her career at a large public relations agency in Toronto where she was privileged to work on clients such as CBC, EXPRESS, AGO and SUBWAY Canada. She has an HBA in Communications from McMaster University and a Post-Graduate diploma in Public Relations and Corporate Communications from Centennial College. In her spare time, Victoria loves to travel and has been to all 7 continents and over 45 countries. 

Victoria Syme

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Don't miss the boat! How to enhance your event with experiential marketing & sponsor activations.






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