The typical FEO conference attracts 250+ festival and event professionals from across the province of Ontario. 


With the COVID-19 Pandemic, FEO has decided to re-imagine and re-create the FEO Conference experience in a virtual on-line setting. We are going to dedicate the month of February 2021 to education, preparation, and imagination as our festival and event members and suppliers look ahead to what 2021 might hold. We want to help you Adapt . Pivot . Evolve so that when the Province gives the green light to return to some state of normalcy, we will all be ready.


Click on the links below to access each week at a glance schedules

FEO Summit - Week 1 at a Glance >>>

FEO Summit - Week 2 at a Glance >>>

FEO Summit - Week 3 at a Glance >>>

FEO Summit - Week 4 at a Glance >>>