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Marie Zimmerman

You know why you should be carbon-neutral, but do you know where to begin?  What are the costs to the environment to produce your festival or event?  What data do you already have?  What data do you need to gather?  In this session, we will look at green initiatives that will reduce your emissions, strategies, and timelines for measuring your footprint, what exactly you need to measure and how, and what you will do once you know your carbon output. 

Three KEY Learning Outcomes:

1. What green initiatives have the greatest impact on CO2 emissions?
2. How do you evaluate, measure, and verify your CO2 outputs and savings?
3. What do you need to put in place now to ensure you are ready in 2020 to do the work?

Marie Zimmerman is the Executive Director of the Hillside Festival in which capacity she oversees outreach, finance, operations, risk management and HR, and teaches songwriting.  For over 15 years, she has worked for five Canadian arts festivals in music, dance, jazz, film and literature, acting as Artistic Director, publicist, HR consultant, emergency plan architect, strategic planner and Treasurer. 


She is one of the founding members of the Guelph Fab 5, a collective of local arts festivals.  The Hillside Festival won the 2019 Clearwater Award for public leadership in sustainable event production.  They have won 13 other environmental awards since 2010. 

Marie Zimmerman

Hillside Community Festival

Going Carbon-Neutral?  Well, Get Going!






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