ROOM - Richmond A
Thursday, February 27, 2020 - 3:30pm - 4:30pm

Howard Lichtman

The face of Canada is changing and has transformed the face of events. Foregin-born Canadians are 20% of the population - an audience the size of Quebec. An additional 320,000 immigrants plus 570,000 international students arrive yearly. It's demographic tsunami. Festivals need to understand this demographic shift to properly program and market to attract this audience. 

Three KEY Learning Outcomes:

1)    Understanding the demographic tsunami that is changing the face of Canada and Festivals
2)    Understanding how to market to Canada's multicultural communities.
3)    Understanding how to program for Canada's multicultural communities

Howard Lichtman is a founding partner of Ethnicity Matters. Previously he was the President of The Lightning Group and EVP of Marketing & Communications at Cineplex. He is also responsible for all of the marketing, programming and sponsorship for Taste of the Danforth.


He created the American Express Front of the Line Program, transformed cinemas from being just movie theatres to being media outlets with the launch of screen advertising, and he has sold the largest sponsorship to live theatre in history: $15 million to AMEX, Pepsi and Labatt. Howard's designations include MBA and JD. 

Howard Lichtman

Ethnicity Matters

The Changing Face of Canada






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