Thursday, February 27, 2020 - 10:15am - 11:15am

Hany Mikhael

What if you knew all your customers by their names and preferences? What if they knew that you knew all about them and reached out to them at that level? How would this impact your Festivals?

In this interactive session, you will see how we can create the ideal customer experience using the information available, Learn what it means to incorporate technology with database management, to impact your festival bottom line by 25%. In today competitive market & the number of festivals that are incredibly increasing Database management is the KEY or more specific THE SECRET RECEIPE of every Festival that seeks to leverage technology & maximize customers satisfaction. With the tech world growing in leaps and bounds, there is no limit to the endless opportunities that we can mine and explore in this realm. Every Festival is investing into this – it’s your turn now to step up your game

Three KEY Learning Outcomes:

1. How do you ensure a resiliency mindset and scale your future at a time of rapid changes                            technological within festivals? 

2. How to take your marketing budget wisely to a whole new level?

3. Gain 10 new skills to ensure 75% of your customers are coming back

Rather than walk the known path and deliver the same mediocre results, he always chooses to walk the untrodden road and provide unique solutions to customer’s needs. A senior-level marketing professional with 25 years of experience across 6 countries and brands like IHG, Hilton & Marriot, Dr. Hany Mikhael redefines the statement, “the sky is the limit” by combining his educational insights from his doctorate in Marketing and his expertise in the application of technology and innovation to the fields of festivals , events &  Trade Shows. He leaves no stone unturned in his quest to make the customer’s experience in the world of dining memorable. His experience as a consultant for brands in hospitality sector, hotels and restaurant have led to where he is now – CEO of Rescounts, a Canadian-based festivals’ & restaurants ‘mobile app and a consultant with GLC International. Rescounts is here to solve festivals permanent unsolved problem – THE LINE UPS – simplifying the customer’s journey from placing the order to enjoying the last morsel.

Hany Mikhael

Rescounts - Restaurants Mobile App

Maximize Festival’s success, Elevate Customer experience, Technovation:

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