February 25-27, 2020

It's becoming more and more evident that we live in an experience economy. Community event organizers and planners need to create optimal festival experiences for their festival audiences in order for the festival to succeed.


The Handbook of Community Well-Being states "if they [festival audiences] are not departing a community festival with a sense of happiness, joyful celebration, the fulfillment of hedonistic cravings, and without having experienced some type of individual or communal interaction they should feel disappointed, expect better, or search out alternative activity in the future. Community festival planners must get on board with programming organic festivity to create peak experiences for their attendees if they are to survive and prosper." Have you thought about how you are going to create that memorable festival experience this year?

FEO boasts vibrant presentation, collaborative industry education, in-depth workshops and outstanding opportunity to keep abreast of trends within the industry, learn from and network with top industry experts. 

The conference attracts 250+ festival and event professionals from across the province of Ontario.  With a

major tradeshow marketplace, an industry recognition Award Program and numerous showcase entertainers, the FEO conference gives delegates the opportunity to soak-in industry excellence at it's best!


Let FEO help elevate your excitement for the Ontario festivals and events industry once again leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated to take on fresh and innovative ideas and build a new and stronger partnership!









Every year industry members eagerly anticipate the opportunity to relax, have fun and rub shoulders with other festival and event industry professionals. The annual Conference provides an ideal forum for delegates to networking, exchanging ideas, gathering insights and honing skills. Interested in becoming a member?


Conference attendees come from a wide range of environments across the arts, heritage, sports, food, music and many other platforms. Here is a sample of the industry professionals you might run into at our Annual Conference:


  • Festival/Event Organizers, Event Planners, and Producers

  • Industry Suppliers

  • Festival/Event Partner Associations

  • Representatives of Municipalities, BIAs and Chamber of Commerce

  • Representatives of Regional Tourism Offices

  • Non Profit Organizations

  • Festival/ Events Corporate Sponsors

  • Educational Institutions

  • Event Management Faculty, Students, and Post Grads

  • Recreation and Parks Department Representatives

  • Convention and Visitor Bureaus

  • Community leaders

  • Key Volunteers